December 24th 2021 Today I’m glad that I went out for NYE drinks. No, mum, Nye isn’t a scrabble word, no matter how many times you try to play it. Wait fuck, it isn’t NYE, it’s Christmas Eve. Okay, forget literally everything I just said. We went for Christmas Eve drinks at the blunny. We were supposed to be there for two hours, but were instead there for maybe eight. Oi oi! I’m glad that I went, because I debated not, but I’m also glad that I came home when I did. And now, I sleep. Earlier than I did … Continue reading Nye


December 23rd 2021 Today I had to drive home early. I just needed to be around people. I needed to be with my family. I’ve been trying really hard not to be around anyone, because I don’t want to be a drain on anybody, but eventually that became unsustainable. I went into town this afternoon and had a mild panic attack in a H&M because of the number of people, plus the coat/mask/glasses/headphones I was wearing made me feel claustrophobic. So I went for dinner by myself. That’s not a thing I do. I always feel like an absolute chump … Continue reading Claustrophobic