December 28th 2021 Today I had Christmas dinner for the fourth consecutive day. Some might say that is too many days of consecutive Christmas dinners, and to them I say: I’m having it tomorrow too. So that’ll be 5, if you’re counting. I also watched “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix, which is the film you’d get if you gave Seth Rogen £100m and asked him to remake This Is The End. And he’d make almost exactly the same film except instead of James Franco and Jonah Hill he’d cast Leonardo DiCaprio and… well, Jonah Hill. I really enjoyed it. I … Continue reading Satire


December 27th 2021 Today was “Boxing Day”. It was our pretend Boxing Day because Boxing Day couldn’t happen. We still made it work. Just about. There were varying degrees of drama. Some my fault. Some not. But in the end, all in all, everyone seemed to have a good time. There were two dogs for the first time ever. Potentially two children for the first time ever? Yes mum, I’ll send you all the photos I took. Including this one: Secret Santa was a nice addition. We should have been doing that for years. I did three LFTs. They were … Continue reading Pretend