December 29th 2021

Today worked on my mindfulness. Since I got an Apple Watch for Christmas it’s kept buzzing at me to remind me of many things. It tells me to stand up once an hour, to burn calories, and to breathe.

You can set a daily mindfulness goal, where it guides you through a minute-long breathing routine, so I’ve been doing that every day. Just lying on the floor and breathing. It sounds quite wanky, but it’s quite nice.

Aside from that, I spent the morning cleaning the flat. I tidied my wardrobe, threw away clothes I don’t need need and sorted the ones that I do. I hoovered. I unpacked. I recycled. It was exhausting, but cleansing.

Later I went for a twilight dog walk. We walked for like an hour, did about 3 miles, but I somehow still didn’t reach the daily exercise goal my watch set me. My watch is a harsh bastard.

I’ve felt awful recently, but I think today was a good start in beginning to attempt to look after myself better.

Until tomorrow, more of that.


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