January 31st 2022 Today I’m surprised that I’m still awake by this point. I’m running on like three hours sleep. After having perhaps too many beers for a Sunday night, I had the unfortunate cocktail of sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, and night terrors in the middle of the night. Not ideal. I somehow made it through a work day by being present in meetings without really participating. I somehow cooked a steak, though not well, and not rare either. It was more medium rare. Sorry about that. Until tomorrow, now I can sleep. Jacn Continue reading Lucid


January 30th 2022 Today had varying levels of wholesomeness. It started off quite wholesome, around lunchtime, with a walk around Cleeve Hill with my parents. Dad was cold. It was windy. Mum was cold. We walked 3 miles in total, though it felt like more. Later, I said a rare yes to a single beer out with Jim, as it’s never just one beer. In this case, it was several beers, a 2-0 beating of Jim at pool, a 1–1 draw with Alice, and a stalker who kept trying to sit at our table. That bit was slightly less wholesome. … Continue reading Wholesomeness


January 29th 2022 Today, as Saturdays go, was low-key. I watched an entire season of Community. That’s 25 episodes, 20 minute episodes. Come to think of it, that’s probably not okay. Also, I’ve somehow lost all my cutlery. How do you lose cutlery? Where does it go? How does it just disappear? I’m down to a single fork. I know I had at least 6 at one point. How does a 29 year old man only own one fork? Unsure. Until tomorrow, I probably need to get out of the house. Jacn Continue reading Cutlery


January 28th 2021 Today, in an effort to consume less bread, pizza Fridays has become steak Fridays. Fillet Fridays, if you will. Is hot sauce and steak a thing? No? Well it is now. Somehow, I managed not to drink anything too. That was a plus. I was kind of in the mood to get completely, irresponsibly drunk, but what does that really achieve? Plus, no one’s about. So I had a steak and I watched Community. Until tomorrow, happy Friday. Jacn Continue reading Somehow


January 27th 2022 Today I’m getting real bored of not getting chosen. Another offer I put in on a house has been rejected. That’s two in a week. Why doesn’t anyone want me? On this occasion, apparently the vendor had been on holiday, got back and told the estate agent that he’d already sold it. So not only has my offer been rejected, but I basically viewed a house that wasn’t for sale. I got all excited by the thought of living there, but I was viewing someone else’s house, and it was never mine to live in. I guess … Continue reading Chosen


January 26th 2022 Today was a bit of a struggle. I didn’t sleep great, I feel a bit bleh, I’m fairly sure I’m getting fat, and I’m constantly hungry. If I had a uterus I might think that I was pregnant. I’m probably not. For like a week I did get into a really good routine of habits, which had me walking a lot, eating better, and feeling more energised. Now I’m back to bleh. I really thought about going for a walk at lunchtime. And then I just sat on the sofa and played chess on my phone for … Continue reading Bleh


January 25th 2022 Today I had three separates occurrences of the “oh dammit that’s what I should’ve said” phenomenon after three separate people said dumb stuff to me. You know the feeling. Someone says something and at the time you’re not quite sure how to respond, and then like an hour later you’re making a coffee and suddenly the perfect response pops into your head. That one. But three times. Sometimes it’s not even an hour later, sometimes it’s like a week later. One time it was like a year later. Until tomorrow, yeah, well, uhhhh…. Jacn Continue reading Response


January 24th 2022 Today I’m either getting fat or I’m allergic to bread. Both equally possible. The former more probable. The latter more concerning. Basically I’ve got a belly. And considering I eat a lot, exercise little, and have a tendency to binge drink, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, except the thing is, like, well just look at me. I’ve weighed 70kg since the day I started university, and not once have I ever put on any weight. I also don’t lose it. I’m just, like, there. The thing is, I’m almost “at that age”, which is fucking … Continue reading Bloat


January 22nd 2022 Today I lost at SOOFT. Steven’s one-off FIFA tournament. I was very bad. I barely competed. I did, however, win both games or Knowledge is Power. Big threat. Also there was pizza and beer, and I am tired. It was a proper lads night. Lads lads lads. Until tomorrow, it would’ve been nice to win at least one game. Jacn Continue reading Tournament