January 3rd 2022 Today the house search got off to a dribbling start. There are none. Search over. There are a load of nice houses for, like, £650,000 but I am not quite there just yet. There is nothing in my price range or in my desired area that isn’t, well, shit. It’s typical that the most motivated I’ve been to find a house has coincided with a dry spell in the market. The attitude is there, though, and that’s almost good enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even that motivated, but it’s still typical. In related news, does … Continue reading Search


January 2nd 2021 Today I’m trying to get used to my new glasses. Did I mention I have new glasses? No? Well, I have new glasses. Both the prescription and the style are new, and I’m not yet used to either. Looking back, the new style is potentially somewhat more of a change than I maybe wanted, and my eyes are still not adjusted to the new strength of the lens. Which must mean I am constantly walking around with a quizzical look on my face. I was advised to try to wear them most of the time, to help … Continue reading Adjust