January 6th 2021

Today I had my first work whinge of the year. There were maybe three days at the start of this week where I felt excited about what I had planned to work on this year, but by January 6th I’m once again failing to see the point of any of it.

There are many aspects that are completely out of my control, but the one thing that is definitely in my control is whether or not I stick around to deal with it. Today I fail to see why I should.

I don’t particularly feel like my area of the business is cared about, or supported, which makes me wonder why I should care about it either.

And this isn’t a new whinge. This is a whinge I had before Christmas too, but then I got over it a bit and decided to refocus on the areas where I could make a difference.

But, yknow, what’s the fucking point?

Until tomorrow, cya.


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