January 9th 2022 Today was pretty rough, all in all. It started well, in theory, with a nice dog walk around the Forest of Dean with Brad and Jim and Alice and Zoe and Albus the dog, but as often happens recently, being around people made me feel worse. This is a weird thing to say, and I’m aware of that, but I got upset by the fact that my friends all have their shit together. Its jealousy, probably. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad that they’re all happy, but seeing it just reminds me of everything that’s missing … Continue reading Envy


January 8th 2022 Today I forgot to make some phone calls. Making these phone calls was basically all I had on my agenda for today, and I kinda just didn’t get round to it. My first phone call was to an estate agent, to whom I’d say “hi, can I buy a house please” and they’d say “yes sure, he’s the perfect one for you at a price you can reasonably afford” and then we’d high five. Somehow. The second phone call was to brickhampton court golf club, to whom is say “hi, can I join your golf club please” … Continue reading Conversations