January 12th 2022

Today here’s a whole load of positive stuff after a few days of negative blogs:

I’m feeling good today.

I called an estate agent and tried to book a viewing on a flat to buy. It had already sold but that’s definitely progress. I made a call! He advised me that because flats like that are selling so quickly that I should sort a mortgage in principle out so that I can make an offer as soon as I find somewhere.

So I did that. I think. I filled out this big long form on a broker’s website, and then never got an email confirmation. I don’t think I put the wrong email address. Maybe it’s just pending idk.

But, again, progress!

Also, I did the James Norman Cheltenham Bar Crawl, but I didn’t go into any of the pubs. By that I mean I went for a lunchtime walk because it was a nice day out. I walked past the Railway, headed up past Bottle of Sauce, looped past the Fire Station, popped into Scandi for a coffee, and then walked home via lunch from Waitrose. That 3-pub loop is my trademark Cheltenham night out, but I’m kind of doing dry january so it was less fun. But better for me! And free.

Also, I’ve decided to release some self-imposed shackles at work. There are a lot of things that I’ve not been getting involved with because I didn’t think it was in my jurisdiction, or whatever that word should be, but I think I’m just gonna kinda go for it. If I think it’s worth doing, and I think I can make a difference, then I’ll just do it.

Specifically, I’m going to implement new event-based analytics tracking of customer flows to increase engagement and activation rates of new purchases. What’s that? You didn’t ask? Oh. Okay.

I felt good today.

Until tomorrow, I hope you felt good too.


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