January 14th 2022 Today I woke up feeling both literally and spiritually shite about breaking Dry Jan. I mean, it wasn’t that dry to begin with, but I binged last night and felt horrendous this morning. The hangovers are mostly why I’ve stopped drinking. I’m getting too old for them. I just wanna nap for two days after drinking. Until tomorrow, speaking of which. Jacn Continue reading Dry


January 13th 2022 Today I’ve had agreed a mortgage in principle, and I’ve organised a viewing on two flats to buy. Look at me! Progress and shit. I also enquired about another one, but when they called me back they realised I wasn’t a 65+ year old looking for a retirement property. It looked nice, okay! I’m supposedly on dry January, but I was out with spence tonight. It was not dry. It was wet with Stateside and San Miguel. I beat him 5-0 at pool, which I’d imagine was quite embarrassing for him. Sorry spence. My viewings aren’t until … Continue reading Enquired