January 16th 2021

Today I shot my lowest ever score on a round of golf. I was two over par for the whole round. I had two bogies, and that was it. Literally. Because in total I played ten shots.

Ten. (+2)

I shot ten, because after a 5 on the first and a 5 on the second, we had to go home. Dan took this tee shot on 3 and, as I followed the flight of the ball through the air, I heard the sound of a club hit a bin. I turned to look, and saw Dan in a heap on the floor. He’d slipped over and popped out his knee.

Oh, Danji.

A kneecap shouldn’t be able to be moved around the way Dan’s was. It’s not normal.

And so I had to carry him and his clubs back to the car. Well, I carried his clubs.

Thankfully, he’s fine, I think. He managed to drive home. Only on my drive home did I realise that I could have gone back out there to play the rest of the round myself, but at the time it seemed more important to make sure Dan could walk.

So… two over.

Until tomorrow, I’m claiming that.


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