January 17th 2022

Today I put in an offer on my first home.

It’s a one bed apartment on the first floor of one of the classic Cheltenham regency buildings. It has high ceilings, and huge windows, a wide open kitchen/living space, and a balcony. It’s in a beautiful location on a quiet, crescent road.

I viewed it this morning, and then in the afternoon the estate agent told me it had had an offer for guide price. That rather forced my hand. it’s the only place that I’ve actually seen, and perhaps it would’ve been nice to have seen some others first.

The way I think about it, though, is that I’m not looking for somewhere to live for ten/fifteen years. It’s a solid investment and an opportunity to get on the property ladder. It’s a different place to live which makes better financial sense. And it helps that it’s a lovey place to live also.

I find out in the morning whether my offer has been accepted.

I’m weirdly calm about it all. I know that this is very much just the start of the process, and I know there’s a chance that my offer may not even be accepted, and I know there’s a whole load of other stuff which needs to happen before I get the house, but this seems like a good start.

Until tomorrow, it’ll feel more real in the morning.


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