January 18th 2022

Today I exercised for the first time in a long time.

I went to play football with my dad and his old Tuesday night football lot. In previous times I’ve been, my dad has not always been the oldest there. it’s normally that kinda crowd. Fifty odds who may still have decent technical ability but can’t move as quick as me.

It was a different, much younger crowd tonight, and oh boy I was bad. And unfit.

As mentioned, usually what I lack in technical ability I make up for by putting a shift in and moving around a bit, but I was blowing today.

Since my streak of running a 5k every day for 413 days ended, I’ve barely exercised. The Apple Watch I got for Christmas asks me if I’m working out when I walk any further than like 4 steps. I’m not at my physical peak, let’s say.

(Though tbf, I also wasn’t even that fit when I was running every day, mostly because I was exhausting my body by depriving it of recovery time, so, yknow… What you lose on the swings you make up for on the roundabouts)

So yeah. In 12 hours I am going to ache a lot.

Until tomorrow, it was fun tho, mostly.


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