January 19th 2022

Today I maybe would’ve expected to hear something about the offer I made on the house I viewed on Monday. It’s now Wednesday, after all.

The longer the silence continues, the less confident I am. I expect that what is happening is that the estate agent is trying to get some of the other people who have viewed it to be my bid, in which case… fair play. That’s his job.

I can’t be too mad at it, if these are just tactics. Though if it’s just forgetfulness then I’d probably be a bit mad. Like maybe my bid has already been rejected and they’ve just not let me know yet. That’d be annoying.

It feels kinda like waiting around to hear back after a job interview, or that odd post-first-date feeling where you’re just waiting for a text.

Except in this case I’m waiting around because I’m trying to give away like all of the money that I have and they don’t seem to want it that much.

Until tomorrow, whose idea was this whole mortgage thing?


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