January 24th 2022

Today I’m either getting fat or I’m allergic to bread. Both equally possible. The former more probable. The latter more concerning.

Basically I’ve got a belly. And considering I eat a lot, exercise little, and have a tendency to binge drink, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, except the thing is, like, well just look at me. I’ve weighed 70kg since the day I started university, and not once have I ever put on any weight. I also don’t lose it. I’m just, like, there.

The thing is, I’m almost “at that age”, which is fucking depressing. Maybe it’s a beer belly. At 28. Fuck.

Also, maybe it’s due to the fact that I do actually eat quite a lot of bread. I have a bagel for breakfast each day. I often have a sandwich for lunch. I had pizza for dinner twice over the weekend.

So maybe it’s just that. Maybe I’m not even allergic to bread, I’m just intolerant to that much bread. Because tbf I think anyone would be.

It’s also possible that I’m allergic to linseed, which would be niche, but it’s the only ingredient from things that I’ve cooked recently which I’ve never used before. I made some flapjacks, and eating them seems to trigger the bloat. Or the fat. Flapjacks are also sugary.

I’m inclined to think that it is bloat rather than fat because it hurts. Like it does feel quite swollen, rather than podgy.

Either way, I should probably go for a run and stop eating pizza.

Until tomorrow, what a sad life.


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