January 30th 2022

Today had varying levels of wholesomeness. It started off quite wholesome, around lunchtime, with a walk around Cleeve Hill with my parents. Dad was cold. It was windy. Mum was cold.

We walked 3 miles in total, though it felt like more.

Later, I said a rare yes to a single beer out with Jim, as it’s never just one beer. In this case, it was several beers, a 2-0 beating of Jim at pool, a 1–1 draw with Alice, and a stalker who kept trying to sit at our table. That bit was slightly less wholesome.

Then we went to Taco Bell, and I grabbed another at The Railway, because I wasn’t quite done yet. it’s Sunday night. I, more recently, have struggled with hangovers, but tomorrow I’ll hopefully be different.

Until tomorrow, we’ll see about that.


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