28th February 2022 Today I dreaded going to work and I dreaded being at work, but by the end of the day I felt relatively accomplished. It was a day of 8 solid hours of meetings, and my first official day back in the office — though I’ve been in semi frequently recently. I had a load of tech issues: my monitors kept flickering, and my audio kept playing out loud. And then I was given some incredibly frustrating news that pissed me right off. One benefit of being back in the office, however, is that instead of having to … Continue reading Dreaded


February 27th 2022 Today I had a joyful afternoon outside. After lounging about and wasting most the morning, I convinced myself to walk into town as I needed to buy some coffee beans. On the way, I passed my favourite coffee place (The Scandinavian Coffee Pod), and popped in to get a flat white for the road. I could’ve bought beans from there, but this place was too close to my house, and I wanted to continue walking in the bright — but brisk — February weather. On the way to my second favourite coffee place in Cheltenham (The Coffee … Continue reading Joyful


February 26th 2022 Today I went on my longest ever par streak as I finished my round of golf with five pars in a row. I played really well. I didn’t score very well as we were playing doubles match play, so if I wasn’t in the hole I’d just pick up my ball, but I did play well. I’m hopefully soon going to be joining a club, as I’m desperate to get a full handicap. And I’m desperate to play more golf. We were testing out this course today with a view of potentially joining it, but I don’t … Continue reading Rodway


February 23rd 2022 Today I looked after myself. I went for a walk. Grabbed a coffee. Did a bit of hashtag personal development. Looked for a house to buy. Looked for a new job. Did some ‘coursework’. And still watched the football. I’m doing a bit better and finding balance. Unfortunately it means a lot of fresh starts. I guess I’m just at a point where I’m unhappy enough that I need to do something about it. So that’s what this all is, I suppose. It feels more permanent than this type of feeling often does for me, but I … Continue reading Resolve


February 22nd 2022 Today I learnt about the diarist Samuel Pepys. He’s (apparently) famous for having a diary in which he wrote every day for nine years. It’s (allegedly) of historic importance as it documents what life was like in the 1600s. He writes about many things of note, such as the Plague, the Great Fire, and what we watched at the theatre that night. I mention this because I am unimpressed. Nine years? And that makes him a famous diarist? I’ve been writing this diary every day for over 7 years and I’m in my twenties. He stopped his … Continue reading Pepys


February 21st 2022 Today, fuck it, I’m happy. I’m so happy. I spent the night doing everything that I wanted to do. I went for drinks. I played pool. Eventually. There were very few tables open in Cheltenham on a Monday night. We waited for hours. But we had fun in the mean time. And then we had Havanas. Absolute filth but exactly what we needed. it was the only burger place I’ve ever been to which made a bigger deal about the Kit Kats on show than the burgers. We’d planned to cook a risotto but it was late. … Continue reading Havanas


February 20th 2022 Today I got to experience all the best parts of having a child without actually having one. In my role as uncle, I get to play, read, and cuddle, with absolutely none of the responsibility. When she got grumpy and started kicking off at dinner? Not my problem. When she wouldn’t go to sleep? Good luck, mum. But tag me in if I need to read her a bedtime story or build her a castle out of Duplo. Here we are being a bit worn out after a day of fun. At bed time, I let her … Continue reading Uncle


February 19th 2022 Today I had a much needed day with my family. Somehow I managed to see all of my favourite people in one day. Well, most of them. I drove to mum and dad’s and Kirstyn and Freddie (dog) were there. Then I went to play snooker with my dad and Louis. (I won) when we got back from snooker, Genine and Sophia were there. Sophia is talking so much now, it’s amazing. Mum and I went for a walk and then we all had dinner together, then I read Sophia a bed time story from a book … Continue reading Familial