February 4th 2022

Today I had sushi for lunch. That’s a new thing I do. The issue is that I don’t like sushi. Not traditional sushi, at least.

See, I don’t eat fish. So yes that makes eating sushi somewhat unenjoyable. Instead, I have chicken sushi. I don’t know if chicken sushi is still sushi or if sushi is only sushi when it’s fish sushi. Also I had some teriyaki beef and some chicken gyoza.

Basically I had assorted Asian street food, which is like my entire brand.

I’m not sure why, but the concept of the mechanical belt bringing the food to the table was so hilarious to me. By default I went to say thank you when it dropped our food off, but then I realised I’d be thanking a robot. Maybe we should be polite to robots, just in case there’s an uprising.

Until tomorrow, thank you for my sushi.


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