February 6th 2022 Today I did not leave my bed for longer than the ten minutes it too me to make noodles for dinner at 8pm. That was the first thing I’d eaten. The accompanying glass of orange juice was the first thing I’d drunk. I have been miserably nursing a pretty wretch hangover, while also being unable to sleep. I’m not in a good way. Until tomorrow, I’m getting too old for this. Jacn Continue reading Bed


February 5th 2022 Today I’m fairly sure Alice saved a life. A guy slipped and fell in Yates’ (allegedly) and Alice jumped into action and stopped his bleeding from being too severe. What an absolute rockstar. By the time we left the club the guy was smiling. I took that as a good thing. There was not a single person around who knew what to do except Alice. What a person. Even the paramedics weren’t quite sure. I’m glad people like that exist, but I am too confused by everything to really know what happened. Until tomorrow, what a fucking … Continue reading Yates