February 7th 2022

Today I ran again! Except not really. Well, I did, but not like intentionally. Well okay it was intentional but it wasn’t really a run. I was just running. Let me start over.

On Saturday night I left my car at the pub, and then got very very drunk, so my car remained at the pub. Yesterday, because I’d previously been very very drunk, I was unable to stand up, let alone go and retrieve my car.

So today, after work, I needed to go get it. And see, it was going to be like a twenty minute walk. And it was probably gonna be quite cold and so just decided to sprint the whole way there. Partly to save time and partly to see if I could.

I could!

I puffed more than I should’ve done, though.

At one point I overtook a jogger, and I felt bad, because he’d probably been out for five miles already, and I was going to be out for a total of one mile tops. He wasn’t to know that I was basically pretend to run.

Also, because I had my car keys in my trackies’ pocket, I was jingling all the way like Santa’s sleigh.

Until tomorrow, I should’ve put it on Strava.


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