February 8th 2022

Today I was back in the office for the first time this year and, aside from the commute, I loved it.

I felt more motivated than I have done in a long time working from home. We’ve just had our office redecorated as well, so I had a new desk, a new environment, and I had people around me! Well, person. I had a person around me. But that’s still better than how I’ve been working recently.

Even that small amount of atmosphere just made me more focussed. I’m having a real hard time differentiating home and work at the moment, and the two seem to just blend in, but being at the place I work made me feel like I was better at work. Like I was just getting more done. And then when I got home I could just be at home.

Don’t get me wrong, the drive sucked. What should be a 20 minute drive took me an hour, and I’ve not missed that, but man I’ve missed being in the office. I think in our team I’m almost alone in that, and mostly people would work from home every day if they could. I just can’t face it much longer.

Today was a voluntary day just because I needed it, and Dan German came in too because he’s similarly stir crazy in his flat. In two weeks we’re back in on a semi-full time basis — A part-time basis, you could say.

Until tomorrow, I can’t wait for that.


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