February 10th 2022

Today I tried to start putting some effort into what I cook and eat again. For the last week I have been slowly making my way through whatever I could scrape together from my cupboards. (There’s been a lot of eggs) It’s not that I’m broke or anything, I’ve just not felt like putting any kind of thought into cooking anything.

I’ve been coasting. And toasting bagels.

Today though, I put some effort in and made… pasta.

It was kind of posh pasta though! I bought the ingredients from waitrose and everything. Creamy, garlicky, mushroomy, shalloty, cheesy pappardelle. I even bought parsley! Originally I picked up coriander but then realised that’s for curries. Or maybe it’s also for pastas. Idk it’s been a long time since I cooked.

It was nice. It probably wasn’t as healthy as I planned for it to be, but mushrooms count for something. And it look me longer to cook than the three or so minutes my recent meals have taken, so clearly I put the effort in.

Until tomorrow, that won’t last.


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