February 11th 2022

Today I was given the advice to invest in myself. And I think that’s what I need to do.

I’m not particularly happy in my job at the moment, and I think I need to retrain. I want something new, somewhere new. Perhaps abroad. I’ve always flirted with the idea of living in Berlin. Maybe I should retrain and start a new career path in a foreign place.

I tried learning Python for a bit. Maybe I double down on that. Maybe I specialise in something. Either way, I think I need to invest in myself.

Somethings gotta change. And it probably needs to be me. Else give me 6 more years and I’ll still be floating.

I spent my lunch break in a cafe looking up new jobs. It’s really hard to search when I don’t know what I want to do.

Weirdly though, now that I’ve started looking, in my head I’m already gone. I just don’t know for what or to where. That too shall pass, as all of my impulsive moments tend to do, and time will tell where I end up.

Until tomorrow, it’ll probably be right where I started.


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