February 13th 2022

Today in my new spirit for trying to invest in myself I spent £160 on a training course to learn programming with Python. I got 5 minutes in then realised I was really hungover so got into bed and watched YouTube videos of chefs cooking things that I want to eat but will never make.

Watching those videos made me feel hungry, so I cooked one thing that I am capable of cooking: pasta. I made a creamy mushroom pasta but in the latter stages realised I didn’t have any cheese, and then in the even latter stages realised I wasn’t actually at all hungry.

So most of the pasta is now in the fridge, waiting for a time where I own some cheese, I suppose.

It’s been a hangover day. It’s not been a day to radically change my life. I don’t think that’s possible in a day. But I just need to make tiny steps in the right general direction, and then maybe I’ll get to somewhere worth being.

Until tomorrow, I’ll let you know where I end up.


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