February 20th 2022

Today I got to experience all the best parts of having a child without actually having one. In my role as uncle, I get to play, read, and cuddle, with absolutely none of the responsibility.

When she got grumpy and started kicking off at dinner? Not my problem. When she wouldn’t go to sleep? Good luck, mum. But tag me in if I need to read her a bedtime story or build her a castle out of Duplo.

Here we are being a bit worn out after a day of fun.

At bed time, I let her pick a book for me to read to her, and she chose the same one as last night. There’s a page in the book with owls on it, and her little face just lights up to owls. She looks right at me and says “twit twoo”. It’s adorable and it melts my heart.

Until tomorrow, love you Sophia.

Uncle Jamie

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