February 26th 2022

Today I went on my longest ever par streak as I finished my round of golf with five pars in a row. I played really well. I didn’t score very well as we were playing doubles match play, so if I wasn’t in the hole I’d just pick up my ball, but I did play well.

I’m hopefully soon going to be joining a club, as I’m desperate to get a full handicap. And I’m desperate to play more golf.

We were testing out this course today with a view of potentially joining it, but I don’t think we will. We played Rodway Hill, and it wasn’t anything special. The first four holes were the same hole just in different directions, and there was nothing really interesting or challenging about the course.

Your view of a course is always changed by how well you play, and I did play quite well, but not well enough to go back there every week.

And so, I think we’ll join the Gloucester. Hopefully soon.

I’m tired now.

Until tomorrow, night.


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