28th February 2022

Today I dreaded going to work and I dreaded being at work, but by the end of the day I felt relatively accomplished.

It was a day of 8 solid hours of meetings, and my first official day back in the office — though I’ve been in semi frequently recently.

I had a load of tech issues: my monitors kept flickering, and my audio kept playing out loud.

And then I was given some incredibly frustrating news that pissed me right off.

One benefit of being back in the office, however, is that instead of having to sit at home and stew about it, you can go and talk to people. And I talked to people who shared how I was feeling, or they heard it and understood.

You don’t get that feeling from working from home. You don’t get it from video calls. I’ve missed it. i don’t think I’d’ve gotten through the day has I not been in the office surrounded by people with — mostly — common goals. Plus, even the pricks make it much easier to hear their point when it’s being explained to your face.

Until tomorrow, back again.


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