March 31st 2022 Today I had a nice family day. I went for a walk with my mum and it started snowing. In March. In basically April. I wore my dads coat and scarf because I came completely unprepared for it to be snowing, because did I mention that it is March. And also that it is almost April. Later, dad and I went to the cinema to watch The Batman. I don’t know why my parents were obsessed with taking selfies today, but it is precious. Dad’s camera work could’ve been better, but he was in a cinema, to … Continue reading Selfies


March 30th 2022 Today it was Kinnett’s wedding. On a Wednesday, my dude. All the gang were at the Pear Tree in Purton. Here is two of them: Any excuse to put on a blazer. And a tie. Jim was spangled bless him. He doesn’t look it there but he was. Star spangled banner. Until tomorrow, congratulations MR and Mrs Kinnett. Norm Continue reading Kinnett


March 28th 2022 Today the chemicals in my brain weren’t working properly so I replaced them with sugar. It actually kinda worked. I went into the office today hoping for a motivating, inspiring, collaborative environment but there were two people in and if anything it was the opposite experience. Because it was such a ghost town it was actually somehow demotivating, and I left feeling blue. I stopped at sainsburys to put fuel in my car (originally I typed “fill up” but I’m not made of money), and when I walked in to pay I saw two things that I … Continue reading Twirl


March 26th 2022 Today I have been very very bored. It would’ve been a lovely day to play golf had I not been forced to stay inside. Stupid covid. Omg I was so bored. I didn’t enjoy anything I did this evening. I’d watch something and turn it off after twenty mins. I’d read something and put it straight down. I’m still like a bit ill, and slightly fevery, but I’m mostly okay. I’m just really bored. I need to think of a synonym for bored because I’ve already used ‘bored’ as a blog post title. *opens* Until tomorrow, … Continue reading Spiritless


March 25th 2022 Today I threw it right back to the start of lockdown by having a night on the PlayStation with my friend Andy. I’ve been in bed too much this week, and I’ve watched enough Netflix, and I can’t concentrate on my book while ill, so we had a spontaneous PlayStation session during which I got progressively drunker. Until tomorrow, that’s one way of dealing with having covid. Jacn Continue reading Progressively


March 24th 2022 Today I am feeling better, which is a positive, but I tested positive, which is a negative. I managed to traverse two and a bit years of a pandemic never contracting the virus, but now at what felt like the end of it, I have succumbed. It seems like most of the people I know currently have covid, so perhaps it’s completely untrue to describe us as at ‘the end of it’, but afaik by April 1st basically all restrictions will be lifted. I guess the thinking is that, probably, the people who do have it will … Continue reading Succumbed


March 23rd 2022 Today I am either feeling better or worse, I cannot quite tell. I felt worse this morning, then better this afternoon, and then a bit worse again this evening. I am unsure whether I am having early night sweats or meat sweats from the mountain of chilli I had for dinner. I would like it if this is the end of it. I’ve been looking forward to seeing my family this weekend and, mathematically, if I am testing negative on Saturday then I think I can still go and see them on Sunday. I would feel like … Continue reading Unsure


March 22nd 2022 Today, as you know, the old saying goes “starve a fever, eat a load of junk food for a flu.” So that’s what I did. I ate leftover pizza and ordered a dirty burger, because I don’t feel up to leaving the house. It’s probably covid, though my two tests so far have been negative. I think that’s common though. That the covid is just cooking and the test wont Ping until it’s done. Until tomorrow, Ping. Jacn Continue reading Ping