March 6th 2022

Today I have successfully achieved one of my New Years resolutions and acquired a dog. Though just for the night. Maybe. We’ll see how it goes.

He was a tough one to win over, but I think I’ve succeeded. I’ve just taken him for his pre-sleep walk, and when we got back I did my very best to put him to bed on the sofa.

I then did not protest at all when he crawled into bed next to me. Oh no! A cute and cuddly thing wants to keep me company while I sleep. I’m not sure why anyone would reject that. You monsters.


There is a very slight chance that I am allergic to dogs. I know for a fact that I am allergic to cats, but I also know more people who have cats, so it was easier to figure that out. I know very few people who have dogs, and my prognosis around them is sniffles.

Until tomorrow, worth it though.


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