March 9th 2022

Today I realised that I’ve managed to successfully trick myself into reading for a few hours each night. And I’ve done that by procrastinating.

Like a month ago I paid £160 for a Python programming course that I am putting off committing to. And because I am procrastinating doing that, I am making myself feel less guilty by reading each night.

So even though I’m not doing the programming course ive already paid for, I am bettering myself culturally, spiritually, and intellectually by reading for extended periods every night. Which is a big improvement from procrastinating from reading by watching Netflix and playing chess all night.

So far I’ve read 6 books in the last month.

I wonder how else I can use this new learning to my benefit. If I ever want to learn a new skill, I should just commit to learning two skills, so that I actually learn one as a way of procrastinating from learning the other.

Until tomorrow, I’m tricking myself like a rat in a science experiment.


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