March 13th 2022

Today was golf weather. Bright, slightly windy, and a temperature alternating between “I should take off my fleece” and “I need to put my fleece back on.”

And so I played golf. And I played good golf. I drove the ball sweet and straight (except for that one), but I didn’t putt well. Though I can blame that on this:

Somehow that happened to my putter last time I played, so today I played with one I’d never before used.

I shot 90, which is always my target, but with some better putting I’d’ve shot 85.

Playing consistently has increased my consistency. Who’d’ve thought it.

At Gloucester, though, there’s a four hole stretch between 10 and 13 which is a slog. It’s basically all uphill, and it’s knackering. I had a half time coffee, lucozade, and a chocolate bar, and yet it still drained me of my energy.

From 15 onwards though it’s all downhill, and I coasted to the end with par bogey birdie bogey to finish at 90.

Until tomorrow, golf day.


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