March 15th 2022

Today I felt super productive. I created a monstrous pivot table (413,000 rows of data) which basically explains all the unexplained things I’ve been trying to figure out about my job for a while, and I really felt like I got somewhere.

I’ve been semi-looking for a new job for a little while (in the same committed manner as I’ve been looking to buy a house) but days like today make that feel slightly less necessary.

Unfortunately, because so much of my self worth is wrapped up in what other people think of me, it makes it so that I often forget that I am actually quite good at what I do.

So if people could just more consistently tell me that I am brilliant then that’d be wonderful and I might get more stuff done.

In related news, I was awarded with some kind of “employee appreciation” tweet, for which I had to send in a selfie. That was more nerve wracking than it should have been — I am familiar with my face.

Until tomorrow, my brain is weird.


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