March 20th 2022

Today I tried to make the most of the sunshine without having to spend any money. I considered going to play golf on my own, but that would have cost money, so would have failed like the primary objective of the afternoon.

It looked seriously bright out. Positively Springish. So I took my new book (which I bought yesterday so it doesn’t count) and went and sat in the Imperial Gardens in Cheltenham centre.

Originally I sat on a bench under the cherry blossom trees for the hashtag aesthetic, but after deciding it was actually quite cold, I realised that my back was to the sun, and the trees actually provided quite good shade from the sun, but not from the wind, which is the opposite of what I wanted.

So I crossed the park and sat on the side facing the Sun, on a bench hidden from the wind. Suddenly it was warm again. Science, bitch.

So I sat there for a couple hours and read my book (Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro) but also mostly just people watched.

It was a very inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend a sunny springtime Sunday afternoon. I probably went home earlier than I should’ve done, because I realised I needed to get to a supermarket before 4pm. In the end that turned out to not be important as I decided to order a pizza anyway, which kinda went against the idea of not spending money.

Until tomorrow, mission failed.


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