March 21st 2022

Today I have two stories. Snippets. Observations.

First, remember how I said I didn’t like the tourists coming to town for the Cheltenham Races because they pissed everywhere and littered? Well to that list you can add “they infected everyone with covid”.

Basically half my office has it now. Cheltenham seems to be rife with it since the Festival. And it makes sense. This kinda thing will happen if you encourage a huge swarm of people to come from different areas of the country and congregate tightly in a wet field for four days.

I don’t yet have it, though I feel it will not be long, and I do not look forward to it with joy.

Second, I viewed a house today. Like an actual house. All the places I’ve viewed so far have been flats. This house had a garden and a staircase and all those house like features. It was nice, and it had some quirks and some character, but I think mostly that character was hiding the fact that it was quite rundown.

I was surprised that a house like that became available in my price range, but having seen it I can not sort of believe it. There were a lot of imperfections, and that underplays it because I’m mostly just using that word because I can’t think of a word that is more serious than imperfection without taking it too far in the other direction.

But no, not great.

Until tomorrow, nor is the covid thing.


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