March 24th 2022

Today I am feeling better, which is a positive, but I tested positive, which is a negative. I managed to traverse two and a bit years of a pandemic never contracting the virus, but now at what felt like the end of it, I have succumbed.

It seems like most of the people I know currently have covid, so perhaps it’s completely untrue to describe us as at ‘the end of it’, but afaik by April 1st basically all restrictions will be lifted.

I guess the thinking is that, probably, the people who do have it will be feeling like I’ve felt the past few days: pretty shitty, but mostly okay. (‘Shitty’ was autocorrected to ‘snotty’, there, which is also appropriate)

I too was well and truly on the ‘covid is over’ bus, and then I got it. And though I think probably my opinion is still that we’re gonna be for the most part fine, I won’t leave the house again until Sunday.

Until tomorrow, that’s fucking depressing.


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