March 28th 2022

Today the chemicals in my brain weren’t working properly so I replaced them with sugar. It actually kinda worked.

I went into the office today hoping for a motivating, inspiring, collaborative environment but there were two people in and if anything it was the opposite experience. Because it was such a ghost town it was actually somehow demotivating, and I left feeling blue.

I stopped at sainsburys to put fuel in my car (originally I typed “fill up” but I’m not made of money), and when I walked in to pay I saw two things that I wanted to buy:

A bag of Twirl bites, and a fizzy lucozade.

Both of those things are incredibly off brand for me. I just craved a bit of sugar.

I guzzled the lucozade but I think I left the Twirl bites in the car.

Until tomorrow, we’ll call those breakfast.


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