March 31st 2022

Today I had a nice family day.

I went for a walk with my mum and it started snowing. In March. In basically April.

I wore my dads coat and scarf because I came completely unprepared for it to be snowing, because did I mention that it is March. And also that it is almost April.

Later, dad and I went to the cinema to watch The Batman.

I don’t know why my parents were obsessed with taking selfies today, but it is precious. Dad’s camera work could’ve been better, but he was in a cinema, to be fair.

The Batman was good. I guess the best compliment I could give it is that at no point did I realise how long it was. It kept me interested and engaged throughout its three hour runtime. It was a darker, more disturbing Batman. It kinda reminded me of Se7en, with its twisted riddles and disturbing deaths.

Dad snuck in a lot of popcorn and chocolate, and I avoided drinking the bottle of water I snuck in, lest I need to pee during the three hours.

Until tomorrow, overall, a top day.


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