April 30th 2022 Today I became a member of a golf club, and immediately posted my lowest round of the year. I shot 88, largely thanks to an absolute charge on the back nine. I shot 49 on the front, and 39 on the back, carding 3 pars and a birdie in five holes. That’s not bad at all considering I started off with back to back double bogeys. On hole 7, we played through the group which had been holding us up all round, and the ability to play consistent shots just opened up my game. So, eighty eight … Continue reading Member


April 29th 2022 Today I feel like I’m running out of words. Each day I try to think of a unique, distinct, single word to name each of these blog posts, and the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes to think of one I’ve never used before. We’re at day 2676 now, and as far as I know, I’ve never used the same word as the title twice. That sounds like a crazy amount. I don’t think that if I sat down and committed to it I could think of 3,000 different words. And yet here we … Continue reading Dictionary


April 28th 2022 Today was pretty mediocre after two good days. Not a bad day, just not a good day. That’s how it goes. I did get a parking ticket though. That wasn’t great. Unfortunately it’s legit, so I can’t appeal it. I thought my parking permit allowed me to park in the visitors bays overnight, but it does not. Until tomorrow, more you know. Jacn Continue reading Mediocre


April 27th 2022 Today I treated my lack-of-sleep-induced delirium with Five Coffees and a Fillet Steak. Like that episode of Friends. You know the one. The one with the cucumber. Or something. I’d had four coffees by lunch. I was so so tired. At some point the coffee high ran out, the buzz wore off, and I crashed so hard. Then we went and had a fillet steak. That helped for a bit. Then it made it worse. This blog isn’t obfuscating anything. For once. I was genuinely very tired and so I had lots of coffee and a steak. … Continue reading Cucumber


April 26th 2022 Today either I need all of you to stop reading this, or I need to commit to making the posts private so that I can go back to writing the truth about what happens in my life. There was a time where — as a method of therapy — I used this blog to unravel my thoughts around complicated issues that are affecting my life. But it’s been a long time since I told anything nearing the truth. Most of the significant things that have happened in my life recently I have kept away from this blog, … Continue reading Unravel


April 25th 2022 Today I have the issue that I have no desire to eat any food that I have prepared myself. I often get like this after a weekend away. I just want to order too much food at the restaurant and take it back to the hotel room every day. Like what’s the point in cooking for myself. So I made a boring dinner of chicken and rice and broccoli and I tried to make it interesting by loading a load of chilli flakes and/or hot sauce on it. It kinda worked. But it still does not address … Continue reading Prepared


April 24th 2022 Today I had the really unnerving feeling of waking up hungover and not having barely any memories of the night before. I was so drunk yesterday. There’s an entire period of the day from about 5pm to when I got on the train home at 8:30 that I just straight up don’t remember. It seems daft, really. Kinda defeats the point of going to Bath for the day if you don’t actually remember any of it. You may as well have just stayed in bed. Until tomorrow, so that’s what I did today instead. Jacn Continue reading Unnerving


April 23rd 2022 Today I’ve gone straight from Bristol to Bath. I’ve sat and watched the Bath rugby game, knowing barely nothing about the sport, but still walking away disappointed with the loss. I can’t believe they choked the second half that bad. Et Cetera. Something something penalty try. I don’t quite get it. Until tomorrow, I’m sorry Jim. Jacn Continue reading Try


April 22nd 2022 Today I went on a shopping trip to Cribbs Causeway and spent an uncharacteristic amount of money on clothes. So uncharacteristic in fact, that my bank literally blocked my card halfway through because they assumed I’d been defrauded. Even Lloyds thinks I’m tight. We’re staying at Mollie’s Motel, near Cribbs, which is an absolute find. We did that thing we do where we can’t decide what to order for dinner so just order all of it, which meant that two hours later we were eating cold leftovers in the room. Mollie’s is great. The entire stay is … Continue reading Cribbs


April 21st 2022 Today I walked around Cheltenham until a barber who took card would cut my hair. Apparently barbers only take cash. Dodgy ones, at least. I tried like four. The place I ended up also only took cash, but the bloke let me transfer him money from my phone. I don’t carry a wallet and rely on Apple Pay for everything, and so without online banking I’d still look like a hobo. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have an odd phobia of getting my haircut, and the experience of walking into four different barbers and being turned away … Continue reading Dodgy