April 3rd 2022

Today I was 6 inches away from winning the clean sweep of Closest To The Pin challenges at Craig’s birthday golf competition at Ross-On-Wye.

I was the only person, of the eight of us, to hit all three greens on the par threes, and I was closest to the pin on two of them. The one I lost on, I lost my inches, so overall I won the Par Three pot and went home with £8 winnings. Profit.

Overall, I played quite well. As I was a guest, and they’re all members, they probably gave me a handicap lower than I deserved, but if I’d’ve ran away with it after showing up without a handicap they’d’ve been pissed off.

As it was, I came second, with 31 points off 18 handicap. The winner had 34, and played off 28.

I drove the ball very well, played more sensible approach shots, and my putting started solid but wained. Waned? Waned, I think.

I need to join a club. I’d love to do that kinda thing every weekend, like those boys do.

Until tomorrow, Dan, join a club with me.


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