April 10th 2022 Today I feel like I failed a fellow human. I was on the train back from a weekend away and towards the end of a 5 hour journey from Essex which I’d split in half by going for a walk around Hyde Park. The train was just pulling through gloucester, and Cheltenham was the next and final stop. Through the gap in the seats in front of me, I could see a guy about my age in tears. He wasn’t bawling, or fighting them back, he just had his face screwed up and he let the tears … Continue reading Distraught


April 9th 2022 Today I travelled to London, and then travelled out of London. Have you heard of Bishop’s Stortford? Me neither. Essex, somewhere. I was at Paddington, and then Liverpool Street, and then went to a place without a London postcode. CM23? What is that. Fun though. Apart from that cash only pub. Until tomorrow, so this is Essex. Jacn Continue reading Stortford