April 11th 2022

Today my screen time is down 30%. I realised last week that I spend far too much time flicking through my phone pointlessly, so I enabled the feature which lets you set limits on the amount of times you can spend on certain apps in a day.

I’ve given myself one hour of chess, one hour of YouTube, and thirty minutes of Instagram. I’m not sure if that is reasonable or still somewhat excessive.

I play a lot of chess. It’s to play chess which I’ve most commonly had to hit the “ignore” button which pops up when you hit your limit on the app.

YouTube I’m okay with because when I get into bed I usually need like half an hour to wind down before I can fall asleep.

Instagram I’ve actually barely used since I set the limit.

There’s a large part of me which wishes I could just give up my phone for a week entirely. I’d definitely read more, I’d probably get more work done. I’d be more present when I’m with people.

There are reasons I could state as to why giving up my phone is a bad idea, but none of them are legitimate showstoppers.

Anyway, this screen time enforcing thing on the iPhone is good. Even though you can press the ignore button, it makes you feel like you shouldn’t.

But yeah, it seems to be working. I’m down 30% on last week.

Until tomorrow, let’s go lower!


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