April 17th 2022

Today was day three of my bank holiday weekend golf extravaganza. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word extravaganza in a blog before.

Today, I played 9 holes at Shipton with Dan. He had also already played this weekend, so a swift afternoon nine suited us well.

Unlike yesterday, I didn’t bottle my chance on the last hole this time, and I took the win with a par on the 9th.

That gives me two wins and a loss. Two out of three ain’t bad. I am stewing about the choke on the 18th against my dad yesterday, but of the three matches that’s the one I’d rather have lost.

I actually scored a lot better today, and played okay. Though only over nine holes. Maybe if I carried on playing every day for the rest of the week, by Saturday I’d be shooting under 80.

Until tomorrow, don’t tempt me.


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