April 18th 2022

Today when I woke up it was quite warm in my flat, so when I rose and dressed, instead of putting on trousers and a hoody, as I feel like I’ve been doing for the last six months, I put on running shorts and a sports tshirt.

Is this… is this summer? I actually have tan lines and a Rudolph Nose from being out in the sun all weekend.

Because I was already wearing running kit, and because it was such a nice day out, I — for the briefest of moments — considered going for a run. I felt like I was already halfway there, so I might as well.

I didn’t go, but I thought about it! And that’s about as close as I’ve come this year.

Do you think I could put “accidentally put on running kit” as an activity on Strava? I doubt it.

Maybe if I was wearing my fitness watch I could add the steps I did around my flat today as an activity.

Until tomorrow, all twelve steps.


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