April 21st 2022

Today I walked around Cheltenham until a barber who took card would cut my hair. Apparently barbers only take cash. Dodgy ones, at least.

I tried like four. The place I ended up also only took cash, but the bloke let me transfer him money from my phone.

I don’t carry a wallet and rely on Apple Pay for everything, and so without online banking I’d still look like a hobo.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have an odd phobia of getting my haircut, and the experience of walking into four different barbers and being turned away didn’t really help.

Nor did the atmosphere in the place I ended up. My barber turned out to be a huge Albanian guy in a gilet who, I must say, had a surprisingly gentle touch.

Mid-cut a salesman came in off the street to sell the barber a new pair of clippers. That was weird.

Until tomorrow, I asked for it too short.


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