April 22nd 2022

Today I went on a shopping trip to Cribbs Causeway and spent an uncharacteristic amount of money on clothes. So uncharacteristic in fact, that my bank literally blocked my card halfway through because they assumed I’d been defrauded.

Even Lloyds thinks I’m tight.

We’re staying at Mollie’s Motel, near Cribbs, which is an absolute find. We did that thing we do where we can’t decide what to order for dinner so just order all of it, which meant that two hours later we were eating cold leftovers in the room.

Mollie’s is great. The entire stay is connected to your phone. You download an app in your phone and that is your keycard, and your receptionist, and your TV remote.

You can have a night away without having to speak to a single person!

Until tomorrow, except the barman, obvs.


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