April 27th 2022 Today I treated my lack-of-sleep-induced delirium with Five Coffees and a Fillet Steak. Like that episode of Friends. You know the one. The one with the cucumber. Or something. I’d had four coffees by lunch. I was so so tired. At some point the coffee high ran out, the buzz wore off, and I crashed so hard. Then we went and had a fillet steak. That helped for a bit. Then it made it worse. This blog isn’t obfuscating anything. For once. I was genuinely very tired and so I had lots of coffee and a steak. … Continue reading Cucumber


April 26th 2022 Today either I need all of you to stop reading this, or I need to commit to making the posts private so that I can go back to writing the truth about what happens in my life. There was a time where — as a method of therapy — I used this blog to unravel my thoughts around complicated issues that are affecting my life. But it’s been a long time since I told anything nearing the truth. Most of the significant things that have happened in my life recently I have kept away from this blog, … Continue reading Unravel