April 26th 2022

Today either I need all of you to stop reading this, or I need to commit to making the posts private so that I can go back to writing the truth about what happens in my life.

There was a time where — as a method of therapy — I used this blog to unravel my thoughts around complicated issues that are affecting my life. But it’s been a long time since I told anything nearing the truth.

Most of the significant things that have happened in my life recently I have kept away from this blog, because of the people who read it. And that’s mad, because most people who read it know it all anyway.

But still, today, on a significant day for me, and for us, I started to write some absolute meaningless waffle, because that’s all I can write.

So I am depriving myself of the opportunity to decompress, to understand, and to accept the events which define my life.

I can’t stop writing it though. If I tried to switch to paper journals or private posts, I’d feel no accountability to keep the streak going. We’re at 2673 consecutive days now, and that’s good, but the fact that the last 600 or so have been full of lies and deception is not good.

The point of this blog is to be used as a journal of my life, so that in thirty years I can look back and know who I was at this point, and what was happening in my life.

But there is no record for any of this. Of any of us. I’ve never said it. I’ve not said much of anything. Nothing of substance, at least.

And I’m still not.

Until tomorrow, please stop reading.


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