April 30th 2022 Today I became a member of a golf club, and immediately posted my lowest round of the year. I shot 88, largely thanks to an absolute charge on the back nine. I shot 49 on the front, and 39 on the back, carding 3 pars and a birdie in five holes. That’s not bad at all considering I started off with back to back double bogeys. On hole 7, we played through the group which had been holding us up all round, and the ability to play consistent shots just opened up my game. So, eighty eight … Continue reading Member


April 29th 2022 Today I feel like I’m running out of words. Each day I try to think of a unique, distinct, single word to name each of these blog posts, and the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes to think of one I’ve never used before. We’re at day 2676 now, and as far as I know, I’ve never used the same word as the title twice. That sounds like a crazy amount. I don’t think that if I sat down and committed to it I could think of 3,000 different words. And yet here we … Continue reading Dictionary