April 29th 2022

Today I feel like I’m running out of words. Each day I try to think of a unique, distinct, single word to name each of these blog posts, and the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes to think of one I’ve never used before.

We’re at day 2676 now, and as far as I know, I’ve never used the same word as the title twice.

That sounds like a crazy amount. I don’t think that if I sat down and committed to it I could think of 3,000 different words. And yet here we are.

There are something like 75,000 words in the English language, so I’ve actually got quite a while to go before I complete the dictionary.

Dictionary. That sounds like a word I’ve not used before. Sometimes I just know. There’s something which tells me I haven’t used a word before. Though if I’m unsure, a quick way of checking is to type “Jacn.co.uk/dictionary” into a web browser.

One moment…

I was right! I haven’t used it before.

Well then, that’s another day ticked off.

Until tomorrow, dic dic, dic dic dictionary (if you know you know).


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