May 31st 2022 Today was overwhelming, for a bit. The other day I said I was surprised by how well I’m handling everything going on in my life, but today it kinda just all piled up at once. Work was a lot. It was a combination of stressful, boring, and annoying. And I had far too much sugar so had a weird body/mind crash at like 4pm. The house stuff isn’t particularly stressful because it’s going, so far, so smoothly, but it’s just always there. Like there’s always one email I’m waiting for or one form I’m due to fill … Continue reading Usualness


May 30th 2022 Today I am slightly suspicious about how seamlessly the whole “buying a house” thing is going. When I applied for my mortgage last week I was told it takes on average five weeks to be accepted. It took five days. I now have an official mortgage offer. Which I’ve accepted. And that whole part of the process is just kinda… done. The lender had one question about my bank statement, which had a super boring answer. And that was that. I’ve spent a silly and uncharacteristic amount of money recently on holidays and such, and I kinda … Continue reading Suspicious


May 29th 2022 Today I should’ve been flying back from Belfast. Fucking easyjet. Ryanair for ever. Turns out it was some sort of independence centenary in Northern Ireland today and the city looked absolutely bouncing, so it was a shame to miss out on that. I did basically nothing instead. Aaron Chris and Andy left first thing, so I just flopped about the house and ate leftover potato waffles and drank leftover beer without clearing up any of the leftover beer bottles. The positive of not going to Belfast was that it meant we got to see Chris. I’m not … Continue reading Compensation


May 28th 2022 Today I felt like I let the side down, because Cheltenham let me down. First, let me caveat this by saying that, Initially, we were supposed to be in Belfast tonight, but easyjet put a stop to that. So, a last-minute reschedule ended with us 3 liverpool fans sleeping at mine in Cheltenham tonight, on the night of the champions league final. For a solid three hours this evening we walked around Cheltenham trying to find a single pub which was showing the football and was not fully booked. We found literally one. The Rotunda. which is … Continue reading Rotunda


May 27th 2022 Today, as it turned out, I didn’t fly to Belfast. I’d been at Birmingham airport for about 3 minutes when I got an email saying my flight had been cancelled. Something something operation issue. I walked into the Frankie & Benny’s where Andy was waiting for me, and he didn’t believe what I’d said to him. He thought I was having him on. Our flight had been cancelled two hours before it was supposed to take off. Cheers, EasyJet. Easyjet had no alternative flights available today, and the earliest we could get there was Monday. And we … Continue reading Belfast


May 25th 2022 Today I’m sorry but it’s another golf blog. If that is content you don’t want to stay tuned in for, then go read someone else’s diary you big creep. Right, now that the weirdos are gone… I could’ve, and maybe should’ve, broken 80 today. I was +3 after nine holes. I don’t think I’ve ever been +3 through nine holes on any course outside of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 on the PlayStation 2. I was playing seriously well, but not really thinking about it. That was the key. As soon as I started thinking “hang about, … Continue reading Mentality


May 24th 2022 Today at many points I felt it was necessary to lie down on the floor and pretend life wasn’t happening. I didn’t though. I remained standing, and that’s something. There is just a crazy dumb amount of stuff going on, but I am doing, if I do say so myself, a stellar job of handling it all. Like, I’m getting through it. And that’s all I can really ask of myself. I am functional. And if at some points I feel it necessary to shut myself down and blank out the world, then I will. So I … Continue reading Handling


May 23rd 2022 Today I’m really struggling with keeping organised at work. For the most part, I completely rely on my ability to retain information. If I have a meeting about a project I will never write anything down, because I’m trying to take everything in and be present, but doing that in every meeting means I end up with a lot of stuff stored in a jumbled mess of a filing system within my brain. It’s sometimes like my brain is a cheap public defender in a shitty office from a bad movie about criminal defence lawyers. There’s just … Continue reading Organised


May 22nd 2022 Today was very similar to yesterday insofar as I did fuck all, and very much enjoyed it. I did leave the house today though, which was progress. Twice, actually. Did you know that Tesco opens at 9 on a Sunday but you can’t actually buy anything until 10? I didn’t. I showed up at 930 and thought I was high because there were no staff on the tills and a rope surrounded the self checkout. An employee eventually told me that because “it’s Sunday trading hours” they don’t take payment until 10. I asked why they even … Continue reading Trading