May 2nd 2022 Today me Mum and Dad went on a lovely nature walk around Stanton Forest. Stratton Woods? Stanton Park? One of them. So many dogs. I felt like we needed to have a dog with us or we looked out of place. Freddie where you at? It was lovely to be out in nature. It’s something that I don’t do enough at the moment. There are loads of nice areas around Cheltenham where I could go for a walk, but I only ever do it when I’m with Mum and Dad. I am by default suspicious of people … Continue reading Stanton


May 1st 2022 Today I’m at Mum and Dad’s for a kind of birthday dinner kind of generic Sunday dinner type vibe. It was the most fun I’ve had with them in a long time. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I drank a lot more than I usually do around them, or that it was just me and them for once (sisters not included), but I felt like we spoke more genuinely than we normally do. Often when we speak on the phone it feels like we’re just ticking off items on a checklist to update … Continue reading Philosophically